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A comprehensive app for all your in-car needs

iCarMode is like your in-car dashboard, providing quick access to the things you need most when you’re on the road.

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Have you ever tried using your iPhone in your car? Listen to music? Make a phone call? Find your favorite GPS app icon among hundreds? Then iCarMode is exactly what you are looking for.


Reduce distracted driving

Five seconds is the average time your eyes are off the road while texting. When traveling at 55mph, that's enough time to cover the length of a football field blindfolded.

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iCarMode's Features

A comprehensive app for all your in-car needs.

Music Player

iCarMode includes Big buttoned music player to safely & comfortably access your music collection.

Favorite Contacts

Includes quick dialup to your favorite contacts, so you don't have to look for them in the addressbook.

GPS App Shortcut

Easy access to your favorite GPS app, including: TomTom, Navigon, Waze, iGo & many more.

Phone Keypad

Well designed phone keypad with access to your iPhone's full addressbook.

Where did I park?

Forgot where you left your car? iCarMode will help you find your parked car!

Parking Meter

iCarMode will also remind you when your parking meter timer is about to finish.

Places nearby

Your car is parked. what did you have in mind? coffee? the nearest ATM? this feature, powered by Google places, will help you out.

App Shortcut

iCarMode has also room for your favorite app shortcut, now supports: Pandora, Shazam, TuneIn Radio & more...


iCarMode has many settings and tweaks to customize it to your needs

iCarMode Tips

Here are some tips to enhance your iCarMode experience

How to set your default GPS app

Easy access to your favorite GPS app, including: TomTom, Navigon, Waze, iGo & many more.

Our Mission

Allow easy access to your favorite GPS app.

Feature Image
Feature Image

Change the buttons order

Don't like the default order of the buttons?! just to change it!

Our Mission

Allow immidiate access to iCarMode's buttons to your most commonly used ones.

Editable Layout

iCarMode now allows you to reorganize the buttons in any order you would like! tap the 'edit' button in the main screen & just drag and drop till you reach your favorite order.

How to set the shortcut app

iCarMode has also room for your favorite app shortcut.

Our Mission

Allow a quick shortcut to your favorite app without looking for it among hundreds of icons.

Shortcut to your favorite app

Feature Image
Feature Image

Set the speaker mode to the default for iPhone calls

For users who don't use bluetooth speaker

Our Mission

Allow users to use speaker mode in calls.

Speaker mode

Go to accessibility settings and set call audio routing to speaker.

How to change the background

iCarMode allows users to set the background in both the main screen and music player.

Our Mission

Users can use iCarMode's settings to set the background.

Background image

Using iCarMode's settings you can set the background to day, night or automatic mode & also set the music player background mode.

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iCarMode's screenshots

See how iCarMode's features look..

iCarMode in video

See iCarMode in action

See iCarMode in action

Supported apps

iCarMode supports customized shortcuts to allow you to easily call your favorite gps or music app.

This is possible when the external app supports urlscheme protocol.

Bellow is the current supported list, if you have additional requests contact us and we'll do our best to add it to the list if the app supports this protocol.


If you can't find an answer here, feel free to contact us.

How can I add a playlist to the quick access list?

Build a playlist or a smart-playlist in iTunes & it will appear in the list in your next sync.

iCarMode's music player features:

  • One tap away from your premade iTunes playlists.
  • Playlists include synced podcasts.
  • Allows you also to choose the music manually.
  • You can choose the background of the player.

How many favorites can I add?

You can add up to 12 contacts.

iCarMode's favorite contacts features:

  • One tap call, minimum distraction.
  • Shows image or name of the selected contacts.
  • Small icon to differ cellphone, home & office phone numbers.

Can iCarMode remind me to save my location before exiting my car?

Yes, if you use your iPhone in a car holder with a charger, iCarMode will remind you to save the location upon disconnecting the iPhone from the charger.

iCarMode's "where did I park?" features:

  • Helps you find your parked car.
  • Reminds you to save your location before leaving the car.
  • This feature depends on location services accuracy, it will only work if your car is parked in parking areas where there is GPS reception.

Will the parking meter reminder remind me even on background?

Yes, when the reminder you set earlier times-out, iCarMode's message will pop-up - even if it closed.

iCarMode's parking meter reminder features:

  • Allow you to set a reminder.
  • Reminder will work even while in the background.

I get no results searching under 'Food' category? what's wrong?

It is possible that places in your current region are not listed in Google's database or not categorized. Try searching using keywords (in this case - 'coffee' should probably do the trick) or try your luck by taping the 'All' category.

iCarMode's places nearby features:

  • Allows you to search for places by category or free text.
  • Powered worldwide by Google Places (supported contries)

Why can't I set any app in the shortcut button?

Adding an App shortcut to an additional app requires the app provider to support a certain protocol to allow external calls - so we can not guarantee, but you are welcomed to tap the 'suggest a new app for the list' in the settings tab and publish a request in our facebook page, twitter or contact us by email.

iCarMode's app shortcut features:


Some quotes from reviews & customers

"iCarMode is a great dashboard app for the iPhone - that presents a number of large, easy-to-tap shortcuts to music controls, contacts, audio controls, and your favorite GPS navigation and audio streaming apps."


"Download iCarMode and safely use your phone while keeping your eyes on the road."


"iCarMode is one of those ingenious and simple app that makes the iPhone easy to use in every situation."


"iCarMode is a new application for iPhone which tries to facilitate the use of the main functions that are commonly used while in-car: music, contacts, GPS, and phone, but wrapped in an enlarged, simple, and intuitive interface more suited to this situation, making the use of the iPhone in your car safer."


"iCarMode facilitates the use of the main functions that are commonly used in-car: music, contacts,GPS and phone but wrapped in an enlarged , simple and intuitive interface more suited to this situation and in fact makes the use of the iPhone while driving - safer."


"For older cars, it's an ideal substitute for built-in dashboard systems that more recent cars offer."


"This is a fantastic little driving app that integrates everything you NEED to do with a phone while driving into one big and easy to use interface"


"Perfect look and feel, Looks like native app. Works wonderfully and looks great. Long searched for an app like this"


"Very convenient !!! A simplified and optimized interface for driving. One reaches a click to the most used functions in a car (music / gps / as) and when you have Bluetooth in the car that's great! I contacted the developer for 2 times and he responds very quickly (5 minutes!). In short I recommend this app I would pass me by car."


"Very good app for the car. I don't usually bother with reviews but thought I would for this app. Very good, well thought out app that works well in my car. I've only been using this a couple of hours but it's already been great. Worth the money. Well done to the developers!"


"Best car interface for the iPhone! This App clearly follows the less is more law for safety while driving. Is the closest you'll have to CarPlay in your iPhone. "


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